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From a young age I loved the thing that smelled of art. Starting from elementary school, you dare to participate in some drawing and coloring competitions. Until the middle school went up to choose a vocational school in the field of Animation.

However, nowadays I prefer to focus on studying the field of graphic design, especially on logos and brand identity. I have opened this field of services since 2017 although the ability at that time is still in the process of development until now so that the works produced are even better.







Since 2017 I have been trying to receive design orders. To date more than 500+ orders have been completed. Starting from micro businesses, startups, individuals to a company.

By utilizing increasingly advanced technology now, I simply enjoy self-taught learning. So, currently I am also learning to develop other capabilities such as UI/UX on WordPress-based websites and applications.

Ask me something?

I really like animation. Even curiosity always arises if you see an animation that is so interesting. However, in the end I was more interested in making graphic design more universally and broader.

Previously I have worked in several projects such as Animasi Cerita Indonesia, BUMA, Goyipipi, PAUD Animation, and other freelance projects

There, I do not accept orders in which there is a creation / depiction of living things in full and looks animate. Because on religious law I am forbidden to do that.

Whoever in the world has ever drawn a picture (animate), he will be required to blow the spirit on the picture on the Day of Resurrection, and he will not be able to do it. (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

I accept designs in general, such as making logos, banners, posters, t-shirt designs, product designs, and etc.

You can call me at one of the available contacts. Please explain what design is required.

Maybe I'm the one who can help realize your design needs.

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